Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ai Shite Imasu!

The title above means "I love you" in Japanese.  Sister Eddy uses this phrase often in her emails and letters home.  As of last week, she is 1 MONTH away from leaving the MTC and heading to Japan.  CRAZY!  Here's a little update on her adventures at the MTC.  

Sister Eddy and her companions taught there first real investigator last week!  In her most recent letter home she explained this further:

On Saturday we have TRC, which is when volunteers come and we teach them. They are almost always members. Anyway, this Saturday they actually had a young guy from Japan here who was an actual investigator. He lives in Tokyo, but is here in America for a couple months traveling. He is staying in Utah for about 4 weeks with the family of the missionary who started teaching him 3 months ago. It was so awesome. Seeing as he is a real investigator we had to have a teacher in there with us. He said he has been taking the discussions for about 3 months, but isn't positive about it yet. We taught him about how we can recognize the Spirit and how we can receive revelation for ourselves. Our teacher only helped us a little bit. It also helped that the investigator is trying to learn english so he was able to say a little bit in english. Anyway, it was cool that we got to teach for real. I was kind of shocked that they picked us girls to teach even though we are probably the least advanced in Japanese. I guess we just have something special... haha. :) It was a great experience, even though we were all really nervous.

Her district just celebrated their halfway point in the MTC.  

Their district just got the new kohai (new missionaries) last week.  There are now 4 new sister missionaries and 8 new elders.  Sister Eddy is now part of the Senpei.  

She LOVES receiving letters and Dear Elders!  Keep writing!

Here are a few pictures she sent of her and her companions:

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  1. I love how they've started sharing clothes! -Megan