Sunday, August 26, 2012

1 Month Down!

Sister Eddy has now officially been in the MTC for 1 month!  Here's a little update on how she is doing: 

She has LOVED receiving all of the dear elders from friends and family.  Thank you thank you!  And please keep writing her!  She love's hearing from everyone.  

She's had no problem whatsoever becoming the "popular sister missionary" at the MTC.  To quote a recent letter, "We are definitely the cool Sister Missionaries here.  This is probably a slight bit sacrilegious, but our saying is "Getting cray-cray with the Seirei!"  Seirei is the Holy Ghost.  Super bad, but it's catching on.  Especially since we seriously are always surrounded with the Spirit and Japanese missionaries.  This place is like a big bubble of fuzzy feelings.  Haha."  Of course, any of you that know Carlie understand that she means no disrespect, she just a fun lovin' gal.  :)

Her Japanese is coming along great!  She can now sing all of them hymns in Japanese!  She's also the only one in her companionship that can locate Japanese scriptures in the Bible and BOM!  Way to go Car!

She's learning a lot about the Gospel and is so happy with her decision to serve a mission.  She is excited to work with the people in Japan.

She LOVE'S her companions and speaks of them often.  They seem to get along really well.  Here's a funny story that she told in one of her recent letters:
"So, I'm trying to think of a funny story I could tell, but I'm guessing it wouldn't be as funny in type.  I will try though.  Okay, so my companions are seriously ridiculous.  I love them so much!  This one night, Sister Buhler was doing imitations of people we know or have seen around campus and she did this one that was spot on.  Anyway, we were all bursting out laughing and Sister Walker peed...all over the floor.  I SERIOUSLY died!  The bad thing was that we didn't even stop laughing after that to help her, we just laughed even harder.  I doesn't even sound funny, but you guys...I know have a six pack because of all the laughing we do.  I can't even comprehend being with any other companions.  Of course, I will in Japan, but I lucked out as far as the MTC goes." 

   She has a little polaroid camera that she uses and then she sends some of the pictures home to us.  Here are a couple that she sent to us this week.  They are pretty small, so the quality is not the greatest, but here you go!

Her caption reads:
"My companions and I with some of the girls from Japan!  Love them all!"

Oh, and here's MY (Ashley's) personal favorite:
"This printed out bad, but I wanted you to see the awesome slide board they have!  "I'm feeling skinny Tony!""  :)  Haha  classic. 

She misses and loves all of us, and tells us often:  Ai shite imasu! (I love you!)

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