Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How is Sister Eddy Doing?

Well, Carlie is just about to hit the two week mark at the MTC!  She has been able to write a few letters and e-mail us twice.  Here's an update on how the first couple weeks have been for her.

  • She LOVES to receive letters!  So...write her!  Her mailing address is right here-------------------->  See it?  On the right hand side bar?  She also loves receiving letters through Dear Elder.  To learn more about that, go here.  :)
  • She is now known as Eddy Shimai (Sister Eddy)!
  • Carlie is in a "tri-panionship", meaning that she works and teaches with two other sister missionaries.  Here's what she wrote about her companions:  "So, we've been a tri-panionship for one week now and it is so great.  We all get along so well and all have very similar personalities and style.  I seriously got lucky to have such great companions!  Our senior companion is Buhler Shimai and she is amazing.  She always holds the group together and makes sure we are all doing OK.  Walker Shimai is our new recruit and she is adorable!  Seriously, I am so glad to have such stylish companions!  :)"   
  • She's getting used to the 5:45 (sometimes 4:30 am)!  mornings. :)
  • She starting to learn some Japanese and actually bore her testimony to us in one of her letters!   Watshi wa Kami sama wa Josefu Sumisu o toshite fukin o kaifuku saramashita.  Lesu Kirisuto wa watashitachi no aganainushi desu.  Kono akashi no okage de, Kami sama wa watashitachi no inori ni Kotaerareru to shirimashita.  Kozoku o kansha shite imasu.  Kozokus o shukufuku shite kudasi.   
  • A few days ago, she found a weird growth behind her ear and had to go into the doctor.  Turns out it was a bacterial cyst that had developed in her sweat glands.  No worries though!  She was given some antibiotics and say's that it is healing up nicely! 
  • Her P-Days are on Tuesdays.  
There's just a little update on her life in the MTC.  She is loving the people she is working with and is learning a lot!  She misses everyone back home and loves you all!  

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